Sales Specialist (Координатор по продажам) - #3251629

ООО Нэшэнл Оилвэлл Варко Евразия

Дата: 26.11.21 11:50
Город: Нижневартовск, Ханты-Мансийский АО
Категория: Административный персонал
Зарплата: договорная
Тип работы: Полная занятость
График работы: Полный рабочий день

Responsibilities: Completion of BIS-forms and letters of intent of the customer at the request of Compliance Sending requests for agreement approval, add. agreements, etc. in Compliance Collection and provision of the necessary information, as well as other forms when applying for participation in tenders Daily update of the file "utilization by product lines" and weekly update of the file "utilization by clients", sending once a week Request for preparation of EUF forms (list of deposits, signatory, etc.). Tracking the signing of EUF forms, checking the completed forms for compliance Collecting and sorting signed forms on the server. Submitting the received forms to be entered into the register Providing customers with information about the instrument (certificates, passports in case of loss, etc.), the current price list, etc. Providing information to the Operations Support Department for month closing (agreements (trial jobs), distribution of the tool by projects), checking and, if necessary, editing the report of the work performed at the end of the month (closing) before sending to the customer Control of the signing of shipments acts Help in collecting information about equipment circulation work hour Signing contracts / additional agreements - sending requests, monitoring the receipt of approvals, reminders, negotiations with the customer, redirecting signed contracts and information to the inventory group Documentation management of the sales department (file with rates, file with the number of drilling rigsand etc.) Coordination of the current rent with the clients, constant communication, clarification of the rent volumes and clients rent plans, control of equipment moving, etc. Coordination of shipments for the workshop He / she performs various other assignments and assignments of the direct managers. The list of responsibilities can be changed and / or supplemented by decision, and it is not limited to this instruction Requirements: A person is appointed to the position of Sales Specialist a person is appointed with high education and at least 5 years of work experience at oil and gas industry Sales Specialist shall know: the basis of the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, instructions, rules and regulations for occupational health, safety, fire safety and the rights and responsibilities of employees and mode of work

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