Steel Structure Supervisor - #3251747

Филиал Новарктик Снс в г. Москве

Дата: 26.11.21 12:5
Город: Мурманск, Мурманская область
Категория: Строительство
Зарплата: договорная
Тип работы: Полная занятость
График работы: Полный рабочий день

Responsibility: Monitor and audit Erection Construction Subcontractor’s Quality Control activities. Perform audit concerning the surveillance points of the Field Quality Control Plan. Witness the hold points of the Field Quality Control Plans. Witness the witness points of the Field Quality Control Plan. Finally sign the Sites Inspection and Test records. Check the completion, the validity and traceability of documents included in the Construction Subcontractor’s final dossiers. Issue Site Inspection Reports, initiate Non-Conformance Reports (NCR). Check that corrective actions have been performed. Check that Quality Records are adequately controlled and filed. Issue feedback sheets. Review, comment, approve (under the authority of the Field Engineer) the material technical cards, maintain updated the corresponding chrono register. Review, comment, approve (under the authority of the Field Engineer) the method statement issued by Subcontractor, keep updated the corresponding chrono register. Answer the Technical Enquiry issued by Subcontractor (under the authority of the Field Engineer), keep updated the corresponding chrono register. Follow as per Quality aspect all the requirement of ITP. Issue as necessary the ITP (Instruction to proceed) as per the site working possibilities and documents delivered to the Subcontractor, maintain corresponding log book register, dispatch it to the Construction Manager and Manager PCM on a weekly basis. Reconciliate and update the quantities released to Subcontractor as per each ITP issued, dispatch this status on a weekly basis to PCM. Check the implementation of the Safety Rules. Check that employees have received adequate Safety training. Check that all Construction Subcontractors organization people on the Site are in sufficient number and with suitable qualification to manage all activities and provide continued supervision of the works. Issue whenever necessary to the Construction Superintendents and Construction Subcontractors a list of available work fronts. Verify the adequacy of Construction Subcontractors equipment to perform the required work. Check the list and revision number of documents transmitted to Construction Subcontractors. Authorise withdrawal of equipment/materials from the warehouse. Check materials supplied by Subcontractors upon delivery aggregates, or at their point of production for compliance with the approved specification. Check the preservation by Construction Subcontractors of materials inside Subcontractor storage or at the place of installation. Review and approve the progress proposed by Construction Subcontractors. Analyse additional work and modifications to determine the cause and propose the solution to be implemented. Analyse and technically approve requests for variations submitted by Construction Subcontractors, issue correspondent extra work orders. Requirements: - University Degree in a technical Field (preferably Civil and Industrial Construction) - At least 5 years experience as a supervisor at major industrial/oil & gas construction projects with primary responsibilities in the field of steel structure installation. Experience with international projects will be an advantage. - Advanced computer user (Microsoft Office, 1C, AutoCad and related programmes) - English at least at the intermediate level is mandatory requirement Conditions: Work in Belokamenka (Murmansk Region) on a shift basis 56/21 Both rotation period and rotation leave are paid for 100% official employment and salary Food and accommodation are provided by the employer Compensation of Travel Expenses Private medical insurance Work for the General Contractor of ALNG2 project of Federal importance International team of highly professional specialists

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